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The stage of 2011 is called "Quebec Alaska.


On the 5th of May 2011 Vladislav Ketov, traveler and artist (Russia, St. Petersburg), first in Russia holder of the honorary title "Distinguished traveler of Russia", arrived at Montreal.


He realizes the first in the whole history travel around the Earth (land) literally, along the coastline of the continents. The travel envisages the use of environment friendly transportation means only. Since 1991, he has performed an autonomous unescorted bicycle travel around EUROPE, AFRICA, south and south-east of ASIA, SOUTHERN and NORTHERN AMERICA (apart from the Arctic coastline) and ran 155,000 km.

During the travel, he went through 93 countries, 8 areas of combat operations (Yugoslavia, Middle East, Western Sahara, Angola, Mozambique, North-Eastern Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Cambodia, Columbia).

The following deserts were overpassed: Sinaic desert, Western Sahara, Namib, Eastern Sahara, Arabian desert, Nasca, Atacama, and other arid zones. Mountainous areas Pyrenees, mountain coastal lines of the Southern Europe and Asia Minor, Atlas mountain system, coastal plateaus of Namibia and Southern Africa, coast ranges of the Pacific ocean coastline of the Northern America, mountains of Guatemala and Nicaragua, Andes were on the way, including 5 mountain passes higher than 3,000 m in the Andes. 

The Russian stage of the project, from Olenegorsk (Murmansk region) to the Soviet harbor (Khabarovsk region) was held in the period from the 13th of May till the 13th of September 2010.

Thus, Vladislav has closed the loop of the Old World according to the variant B, on the bicycle. He rode 10,620 km through 16 regions of Russia spending 105 traveling  days. Archive of this stage consists of about 3,000 photos.

The overall archive of the travel consists of about 30,000 photos, about 300 publications in mass media of over 70 countries, and 120 audio cassettes of travel notes.

During the travel, numerous press-conferences and meetings with local communities, representatives of the public and diplomatic corps took place. The traveler left thousands of graphic portraits to residents of the majority of visited countries.


The stage of 2011 is called "Quebec Alaska.  This will be again the variant "B" i.e.  bicycle.
Similar to the Russian stage, Vladislav Ketov intends to ride the bicycle on the north of America as close to the coastline as possible, and close the loop of the starting and end points of the route in America Natashquan (Quebec, Canada year 2000) and Homer (Alaska, the USA year 2006).


Vladislav is considering an idea on traveling along the Arctic coastline of Russia and America with autogiro. However, until a problem of a financial support for this variant is solved, he will continue realization of the project using the only possible method of today by bicycle.


Detailed information is available on the personal web-site of the traveler  or in the LiveJournal


Contacts in Russia:

Mira Vasykova (812) 348-68-57      +7921-635-99-05  skype:  vadimmira


Contacts in Canada:

Alex Sklyar

Skype: sklyar_alex

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