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Thanks to

This voyage would have never happen without assistance  and help of many people.

I am grateful and thankful to them.


I would like to speak of  each of them separately, but it will be possible only in the final book after processing the voyage archive. Here those are mentioned whose names rather weak

author’s  memory  have kept for the last years. The list will be filled up but will  never be absolutely full.

The feeling of gratitude to the destiny for meeting these people will be keeping in my mind as well as feeling of fault because I will never be able to thank them.

Special thanks to those people whose help was essential for success of the voyage.

Victor Boot who provided financial support   in Asian and American stage.

 Fall 1995 – November 2000 

Victor Davydov made the VladivostokVancouver stage possible in 1997-1998.

Zigfrid Plakhov  supported the project in Europe  and gave me the first possibility in Athens to go home.

Erast Gliner and his spouse Galina. The time I have spent in their house in San-Francisco has left the feeling of  almost parental heat. I thank God that I got acquainted to the people of such souls and nobleness.

Shor Joseph helped me in Panama at a very difficult moment.

Mikhail Brook whose help in New-York  let me finish my  the mail part of the voyage in 2000.

Igor Voyevodskiy  owing to whom  the project was  was continued in 2005 and is being continued today.

Unfrotunately it is impossible to  mention everyone who in any way  helped me with their hospitality. That’s why I  will try to name those I will be able to remember.


Alexei Konopelko – my friend, an outstanding artist, yachtsman and sea expert. He was the only person who believed in me and in success of the project from the beginning. His help in the far East in 1997 was invaluable.

Tatiana Dubrovina – the artist, fashion-designer, a member of creative organization “Image” who helped me in Paris and Vancouver.

Irina Kostina and Natalia Lukianova – my colleagues in bicycle club  and “Image” studio whose letters to Anatoliy Sobchak (Mayor of Saint-Petersburg) caused positive reaction and I was for the first time supported by the administration of the city.

Martin Gagnon  - a Canadian traveler and a good friend of mine.


A list of kind people in different countries:


Poland: Warsaw – Orlovskiy family, Marek Dombrovskiy with his family, Gdansk – Maria Romanska, Marek Pilat, Gdynia – Leshek and Yvonne.

Germany: Willy from Greifswald, reporters and bicycle shop assistants  in Bremenhafen.

Netherlands: Jean-Luc Fermoulen  from Rosendale.

Belgium: Vanda and François, a family from Brussels.

France: Paris – George Krasovskiy, Elena Svintsona, Vladimir, Claude from the French bicycle federation, D. Scott Inman – a “La Maison du velo” store in Paris.

Spain: Barcelona – Daniel, Manolo – “Volodia”.

Italy: Rome – Paolo, students from Saint-Petersburg Alaxei and Masha, Venice – employees of the “Italy - Russia” society and bicycle club “Pedale Veneziano”.

Yugoslavia:  reporters from the “Daily Telegraph” and “Times” Michael, Adam, Lora and Isabel.

Greece: crew of the “Kuzbass” tanker, Mikhail.

Turkey: Umar Abbasov, Akhmed Ozturk.

Lebanon: Russian reporters and diplomats.

Israel: Anton Lotman with his family.

Egypt: V. Kudriavcev  - the general consul of Russia  in Alexandria, reporter George Shelenkov in Cairo.

Tunis: V. Chamov and another diplomats of the Russian Consulate.

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