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BOOK contents

                                                              A book “Wandering

The short biographical dates: Parents. Childhood. South Ural, village Karlyhanovo. Sverdlovsk. From 4 years old – fast reading and reading many books. From 6 years old – school and hobby of drawing.  Problems with health from 4-th class I have sick heart. Freed up from physical training lessons because of bad health. Artist school, college. Jeweler factory. My participation in geological surveys for two seasons at 16 and at 18 years old. At 17 years old decision to find an answer to “eternal questions” of philosophy. Army, frontier troops, Amour, Chinese border 1968 – 1971 years. Soviet – Chinese conflict.
University, faculty of fine art 1971-1977. Degree work, the developing of theory of  art. Job – a designer of a doll theatre, design of interiors.
Sport: shooting, pistol – the 1-st rating, rifle – 1-st rating, orienteering – 1-st rating.
1979 year – moving to Leningrad. Job as an artist, lessons in University named after Molina, two years lessons in Academy of Art. 1983 year – organizing the studio for adults “Image”. Heading of this studio till 1991 year. At the period of “Perestroika” – an organizer of first free art exhibitions- fairs.
1982 - Entrance to school of coaches in Leningrad’s club of bike-travelers. 1983-1990 years the coach of bike travelling – navigator and organizer of more then 10 bike trips from 1-st till 5-th category of difficulty – Karelian Isthmus, Crimea, Kaukaz, Carpathian Mountains, Sajans, Altai, GDR, Poland. 1983 – The first one-man bike traveling Leningrad-Kuibyshev- Sverdlovsk. Common length of it was 2 200 km. Just during this traveling come the idea about the first in the Word traveling really around the Earth - it means around mainland along the contour of continents. Working on this idea. Looking for ability to receive a patent – to protect the author’s right and registration of the Project in 1988 year in Soviet-American Fund “Cultural Initiative” as “The one-man traveling along the shoe lines of continents using ecological transport”

The beginning of the traveling. May 1991 – March 1992
1991 year – unsuccessful trying to find any kind of support for the Project in St.Petersburg and anywhere in Russia. On the 14-th of May – emergency start from St.Petersburg because of menace of rewriting official passports for foreign trips. The first border – Polish. Declaration  of 10 US$ and 260 rubles. Have done 4 portraits till arrive to Varshava, later became as all Poles that years – the millionaire. First problems with visa. German “ordnung” as demonstration model of global bureaucratic absurdity. Summer in Poland. Polish addresses and friends. International meeting of bike travelers on Visla-river. Meeting with V.Chukov – the vice-president of J.Senkevich in Association of Travelers of USSR. Creating the portrait of British lord, the president of International Union of bike tourists in England.
August. Putch in Russia. The reaction of Russians who live abroad – there were 2 variants. Receiving of German visa and renewal of traveling in autumn. Germany – meeting with people and ships. “Hersones”. Denmark – coziness, cleanness, wind generators. Holland – storms, losing of money. Belgium – the week in Brussels – the family of abbot. Visa to France. European nominal borders. France. October cold. Havre. Turning to Paris. The road along the Sena-river. Morning frosts. X-files – the first case with gloves. Tanya Dubrovina. Winter in Paris. Problems – visas, money and other. Record for radio “Svoboda”. The first dossier. It’s creating. Sending more then 20 letters with the aim to find any support or sponsoring. Three answers – refuse, lie and humiliation from Kodak company – they require all author’s rights in exchange to films for photo camera.
E.A.Svintsova. Repairing of apartment. Raviolomaker from home. The success of Ural’s pelmeni (ravioli) in Paris.
March 1992 year – portraits near Notr dam de Paris. Preparing to renewal of a trip. George (Gorge) Krasovsky.   Bike shop from Firm GIANT – Americans, delight, press, photo by heart and a present – a bike valued 1000 US$. I have no managers and sponsors yet, but warm is coming and I can continue my trip. Let’s go!

Europe. March – December 1992. Paris – Athens.
11-th of March 1992 year – exit from Paris. It is Euphoria- again I am moving! Havre. Winds of Atlantic Ocean. Normandy. Brittany, Britons – sturdy, red- faced and loud-voiced, as they say – because of strong winds. Improvisations on electronic organ in a hall with glass wall, above the rocky shoe. Campsites – some of them are still closed yet. A coin of 15 kopeks – settlement with shocked owner one of such campsite – I am the first Russian client. Biscay. Spain. The essential difference of road and a picture around it. The dumps on panoramic points!? The most wonderful mountain shoe of Basque country. Portraits in bank. Portugal. Unsuccessful entrance. Deportation in Easter. Entrance without visa. X-files, case number 2 – now with a map. Cape Rock. Lissabon. The first case of refuse from the side of Russian ship crowd. Portraits in port. Spurt to the south – will to come in time to regatta “Columb-92” in Cadis. Successful crossing the border. South of Spain. Cadis on the 1-st of May. Came in time. In Cadis 4 days of non-stopping fiesta! Stay on “Kruzenshtern” – creating portraits for 4 days. Line of tourists – make portraits. Earn 500 $US. Our Russian cameraman presented me roll film for photo camera. Later, in Russia we couldn’t develop it – so I’ve lost pictures of almost all south Europe – about 20 standard films. Seville with its International Exhibition stay aside – I founded a way close to the shoe with ferry boat across Gvadalkvivir. May be it was in vain. In Almeriri the wheel felt to pieces. Stay there for 3 days – everything is closed. Fiesta, hell with it! Gibraltar. After Valencia met the Russian company. Sent money home. Photo camera on the roadside. Barcelona. Month till the beginning of Olympic Games. Everything is overcrowded and boils up. Our General Consulate. The week in Barcelona. Receiving French visa and creating portraits on Ramble. Pyrenees, border, France – Azure Shoe, Nice, Cannes, Monte-Carlo and other "Sen-Tropeses"… Didn’t make at least one portrait Refused. Marseilles. Receiving a visa.  A wheel. B. Tapi.
Italy, San-Remo – an overnight stop between two boats. Pisa – the popular tower is low, hard to find it, in addition it is surrounded with the fence. Rom. One month and a half. Visas to Balkans in high point of Balkan’s war. Serbian – Croatian languages and intolerance.
Job on Piazza Navona. A tiny bit didn’t become an Italian millionaire – colleagues didn’t let.
Vila Abamelic – Russian possession in the centre of Rome is large then Vatican. Consulate on Nomentana. Separately – impressions on diplomatic representatives. “The city of thousands of blocks.” Creating a tent. It would be better to receive a patient. Small Italy – 400 km of shoe line. Naples. 

The south of Italy – things look bad with nature. Especially with clean water. Practically all south Europe – is the very problem area with ecology. But grapes along the road are wonderful. The “Rubicon” is a very small river. And after all the Rubicon is crossed! Venice is a very small island. Five days. Greek visa. Our ship. The club “ Pedale Veneciano”, reception in restaurant? Presents: the envelope, club green shirt and pennant. The impression after Venice – very nice, crumpled and dying city. Absolutely opposite to open wide Petersburg, which is absolutely original and certainly not at all “Northern Venice”.
Triese. Fir and palm. Preparing to cross struggling Yugoslavia. Helm “Brahma”. Vow. Slovenia. Two hours. There were not any visas. Croatia. I was not stopped at the border and went across the war without any visa. Adriatic. Sea and mountains. Absolute harmony of nature and terrible signs of human madness. The first war on my way, but till abhorrence repugnant essence in any case - the  continuation of the policy by other tools. Other. I am all in white. The night firing in 50 meters near me. Patrols. Germander, U.N.O., and other attempts to break through front line. Local TV. Interview with “Daily Telegraph” and “ Times”. Riding around through Hungary. Arrest before exit. 100 km through Hungary. “Kindly” meeting at the border of fraternal Serbia. Returning to the shoe with adventures. Montenegro. The hard entrance to Albania. Irreal Albany – all in pillboxes as it has smallpox. Direct collision of policy and ethics. 
Stealing of a pump.
Greece. Ithaca. Meeting with Z.V. Plahov. Visas to the Near East. Tanker “Kuzbass”. Stealing of my dossier.
December 1992. The first visit home. Strong “embraces” of my motherland. Baltic steamship line – a letter, Senkevich and Chilingarov – a letter. New Year party with my wife in Sheremetevo airport. Returning to Athens. 01.01.1993.

The Near East. January – March 1993

Exit from Athens. Stony, bad provided with maps Greek out of way places. “servitude” in mountains. Fessaloniki. Pointers to Constantinople (Istanbul). Turkey. Visa on the border 10 $US. Istanbul. Turkish colleague – farrier. Consulate. Don’t consider. Bosporus Asia. Europe finished, on my counter – 20 000 km. Militarized Turkey. Breaking the gendarme’s cordon after Iskanderun. Easy snow on passings in mountains. My birthday. “A present to myself” I forgot my passport in the next morning.
Syria. Walking on waters, which I late to make photo.   Roads. The Eastern way of creating roads. Latakia. A ship from Ismail with Portuguese name “Viana du Kashtello”.
Lebanon but soldiers around are all Syrian. Beirut. Meeting, consulate, NPA, Russian diaspora.
The way to Tiger, “Dutchman”.  Ferry – Catamaran to Cyprus (Russian). Larnaka, night’s lodging, - 2 portraits. Bike shop – everything in present. The road to Nicosia. Looking for required address, police which doesn’t know its own city and has no map. Our correspondent. Moving to Limasol and ferry to Haifa. Israel. Returning to Lebanese border and forward again. Tel Aviv.  Jerusalem. Anton Lotman. 2 days with different impressions. Olive hill and hiking through the Arabian part of Jerusalem. Once again Tel Aviv. 5 days. Preparing for traveling across the deserts. “Jewish doings”. Consulate didn’t consider possible…Exit from Israel – double imbecility. A country – office closed at 5 p.m. For exit from the country – payment 25 $US.

Africa. The 1-st of April 1993 – July 1995.

Egypt. The first desert – Sinai. The landscape as a huge Ukrainian flag – yellow- and blue. The 1-st of April – the day of laugh: entrance to Africa, record race for about 175 km and arrest. Relay race in 4 stages – corporal, major, colonel and the head of National Security of Said-Port. General let me go, admitted that he understand Russian foul language. Night’s lodging with Jaser. Alexandria. Consul general Kudriavtsev. New passport. Libyan problem. Cairo. Thanks to “help” of our diplomats Libya is lost for my traveling. Have no any word to comment this. Our TV – ORT. Shooting near pyramids. Journalists. NPA. Lost ability to receive U.N.O. passport. Failure with the bus. Fly to Tunisia, returning to the border, column number 2. Pine forest in Tunisia, night meeting.
Visas, problems once again. “Diplomat is an elitiest profession”! Press – semi-official manner. The northern point of Africa.
Algeria – unexpectedly wonderful nature. Consulates. Our builders and our military specialists. Local “ security” and its attempts to stop me. Santa-Cruz. Oasis. Cafe and  national security. Neutral territory for more then 20 km. Morocco. Reality and a show-case. Gibraltar. Wind. The contrast between relations Russians to me and British people to their Fiona Campbell. 2 papers – 4 months. Atha birthday of king and minister of Internal Affairs. Western Sahara. Revelation about the source of problems in human consciousness. Harmony and symmetry. Escort from Dahla till the end of the way. Mauritania. Fellows travelers are Germans. The most long race. Stage Shum – Attar – Nouakchott. Colored sands. Legation block and a tale about its rising.
Senegal. Baobabs. Dakar, month of waiting. Guinea. “Closed for revision”. Restaurant of Jan and Natalie. Meeting of rally. The representative of “Kamas” and not paid work. New 1994 year. An ambassador and his parting wishes.
Gambia. Left-side traffic. Guinea-Bissau. Just another revolution and check-up at the entrance. Freetown. Our representatives – two families. Riding around Liberia. Exit – there is no any border, woodland Guinea, loamy road through jungle, 3 weeks. Exit to the ocean, asphalt road and Cote d’Ivoire. Bright eyes of unknown being in night jungle.
Ghana. Embassy. Crossing zero meridian in the 4-th time. Togo -  passing a country for a half of a day. Benin, the embassy, the residence. Nigeria, Lagos, the embassy, billiards. Hungry journalist.
“Bandits” and regular bandits. Moving to Cameroon with smugglers. The result – broken bike. Repairing in jungle. .
Cameroon. Local midges – “furu-furu”. Equatorial Guinea. Russian women in African villages, “sovcitisenz” according to consulate terminology.  Gabon. Libreville, accordion in outstricts. The embassy. Lambarene, the Albert Schweitzer hospital, a personal excursion with his nephew, presents, registration in the guest-book. The equator, crossing number 1. The dead end after a lagoon, exit on a pirogue, a boa.
Congo, the elephant’s traces. An overnight stop in the house of season worker – Cabindian.  A valuable advise about week-end at the zone of civil war. Saturday dash till Cabinda. 8 “patrols”.
“Funny” attempt of robbing me.
Cabinda. Our doctors, Angolan officers. Failure with north of Angola, break-through of Unita to the shoe. An opportunity of traveling to Luanda – our airplane “IL” with the local paratroopers. Luanda – the former pearl, Funny monument gathered from two tanks, which local people called just «armour-sex» and other monuments. Putting off in embassy and in trade mission. A portrait of a trade representative. “The World is not without kind peoples” as we say in Russia and embassy as well. I’ve got the Joint Staff’s  map of the sought of Angola! Exit from Luanda, the tragedy behind. One more district of shoe is in battles, pass around from the sea side at night time. In the morning I am poured over with engine oil and my passport pored over as well. Soon at the shoe the night arrest. An ordinary inanity of war.  “The Angolan police are working”. The assiduous idiots lost my passport. I compel them to dig up the whole beach, we attract people from village and have found.  The city Namibe, Russian doctors, fishing. Rapt from a hook catch and bombardment of a seal-thief by soldiers.
The Sought of Angola. An escort, coming from  the opposite, an interview with “Russian self-murder”. It is really I’ve got into a scrape. 10 days and 130 km in mountain desert, July of 1994, a dry season. Very interesting self-observation “ And why I am not afraid?”. Local tribes, the eaten  snake.
The “received a pardon” goat and reward from on high, X-file. Nevertheless I still alive and went out. The border with Namibia. A raid to get some food, an officer who could not multiply by 10.
Namibia. After Angola it seems to be a paradise. Repairing. Russian doctors. Delivering a switch from the capital by helicopter. A country of fences. A meeting with friends from Western Sahara escort. A journey to a farm to their parents. Not large farm – 25 000 hectare. A school, a fair, was done more then 20 portraits of children. Meetings in a desert: a lady in “Mercedes”, journalists.
Swakopmund, Windhoek, embassy, living in a free villa of special correspondent with his dog. Red Kolia – a cook of Swedish consul. 3-rd record day, 175 km till the border with South Africa Republic, river Orange.
South Africa Republic. Cape town. Consulate. Russian consul in South Africa – Jury Ivanovich Chernyi! Two tasks: receiving money for coming half of a year and changing a bike. Meetings and interviews. Associated Press. Local newspapers and magazines. Waterfront. A successful job before X-mass. New 1995 year. Exit.
Mozambique, a rival of Angola in statistic U.N.O. Maputo. A ship called “Chusovoy”. A delirium with cotton. Tanzania. Dar es Salaam. The ambassador of Russia is Kyrgyz. Russian “Meteors”. A problem of Somali, the first attempt. Visa and letters. Unsuccessful looking a boat which could help me to go around Somali from sea. Kenya. A conflict zone along the border with Somali. Zebras. A bus mafia. Nairobi. Embassy. The translators of U.N.O.. S.Hromov, a letter to UNEP, 2 attempts to solve the problem and loosing Somali as an area of my trip.
The North of Kenya. 2-nd crossing of equator. An elephant. Ethiopia. Addis-Ababa. Our embassy on the hill. An African region – the hottest place in the world according the dates of total temperature and a submachine gun “Kalashnikov” as usual element of local wearing. Scorching heat. A dream about shade. An overnight stop in the “Valley of Death” before coming to Djibouti.
Djibouti. A hitch with visa to Oman. The Red Sea. Looking for an opportunity of moving to Yemen. Sabula.

Asia. July 1995 – May 1997.
Crossing Bab el Mandeb. The unclouded beginning, the dolphins –escort.  Then 2 terrible days. An old Diesel engine stopped 5-6 times. Russian pilot in Al Mukha said that storm were 12 marks. “Who have to be hangt will not be drown”. South Yemen the first days after finishing of war. The robbed consulate. The pilots of  helicopter “MI-8” with “grass” . Russian informal language of communication with militarists in hot areas. “And this will pass away”. Oman. The jerky moving from mountains to heat of Arabian Desert. 1000 km to Adam, the American – Muslim. Masqat, embassy. Visa to United Arabian Emirates.
2 days on King’s naval base of Ohma. Golf.  A “Kingdom of Glorious Sultan” – sorrowful envy.
Emirates. Meeting with the company “TRANSAVIA”. V.A.But. The very uncommon person! A flight home – the first time after 32 months delete. Returning. For the first time I have a sponsor. Buying an equipment: Gsp, video, the watch with altimeter, barometer and thermometer. A ferry to Iran. Russian drivers of cars.  Bandar-e-Abbas. Flood. 5 non-standard crossings one by other. A New Year party in the desert between the Iran and Pakistan. Crossing the border by azimuth. Beludjestan, 400 km of stones, sanded by powder. Disputes about the world during repairing stop. Karachi. Consulate. Further, further.  Before India 16 km – stop. A colonel didn’t gain an understanding. Nonsense about “terrible Indians ” and similar stupidity. Didn’t let me go. Insist to bring me back on a car. A flight to Bombay. The birthday. Refuse in consulate. A Trade mission. Returning to the border, Gujarat. India suddenly becomes dangerous – thanks to situation with traffic. Other stereotype, language, culture and so on  and so on.
Madras. Meeting with N.P.Butyrsky. A reception with garlands, TV, presentation a poem and planting a tree. A correspondent from Deli. A flight to Ceylon. Meeting with Arthur Clark. Returning and warm send-off. 
Western Bengal, terrible conditions of life and orgy of political absurdity. Calcutta. Night coming. Bangladesh. Dacca, an episode in a bank. An Embassy, visa to Burma (flight). Traveling to the border and returning to Chittagong. 5-th anniversary of my traveling. Hail as apples. A flight to Yangon, returning by train to a border. Ancient Burma (Pagan) and “security”. Real army. Yangon and forward. An escort from police and putting a ban. Once again the way to Yangon. A flight to Bangkok. Thailand – Cambodia. The mines, a flood. Pnompenh. An embassy. Vietnam.  The pioneers. Ho-Shi-Min idem – Saigon – a cultural centre. A reception a special drink from swallows’ nests. Denang, a passing. Haifon, Hanoi. Chinese problem. 4-th refuse (to foreign Affairs Department). An embassy, a “fever”, reading. “The questions of philosophy” and so on. Looking for a variants of passing China. A 5-th refuse, living in apartments together with “journalists” from Voronezh. A Ceylon businessman-communist. The home multi-altars. A portrait in the art centre and cheers of Chinese arts. Receiving of money. A buying a notebook “Libretto – 20” with manual to it in Japanese language. Meeting David and receiving a half-year visa to Chine. Back by train to Chinese-Vietnam border. Macao, an interview for radio program. Jaroslav. A meeting in the University of U.N.O. Three key Chinese phrases on the shirts of paper. The broadcasting and a newspaper in China at the New Year Party. . China, a traveling to the accompaniment of cannonade, Chinese New Year Party. The roughly developing south of China. Shanghai,  a consulate. A visa to South Korea. Peking. Two weeks of hopeless waiting for receiving of visa to North Korea. An excursion to the Great Chinese Wall. A model of inanity of the most grandiose human creations, a wall, the pyramids and so on. A meeting with V.G.Davydov and the new hopes. The 8-th article for newspaper “Echo of planet”. A stupid arrest in Port-Arthur. My refuse to sign a protocol and  unintelligible lexica of my comments to Chinese official. A riding around the Northern Korea along the river. A genre “mountains and waters”. A daily calculation – how far the Russia is. Coming to Russia, our frontier guards. Russian road. A dialog “Where are you going?”  “To Vladivostok” , “And where from?” “From St.Petersburg”, “Ah, well it’s normal”. Vladivostok. 6 years around the Old World, 80 500 km. It is two usual sizes of “world tours”

Russia. May 1997 –August 1998.

Coming home. My home and households. Other attempts to raise somebody’s interest to my project, to find a support. Alexei Konopelko, an inflatable rubber catamaran. “TRANSAS”, the navigation program – a top of my dreams. Moscow. V.G.Davydov, serious help, solar batteries, electric engine and other equipment. Vladivostok. Visa to USA, “no problem”. In American embassy the officials really know me. The choice, buying and preparing a yacht, (as I was swindled in Russia), a sad story of my mistakes.
A real help: my cousin Slava, I.F.Sherbakov, Alexei Petuhov, seamen, engineers and others. The unsuccessful attempt of navigation. The village Vrangel. “The travelers’ school”, Andrew Julay.
A gathering one bike from five broken ones. A stage of bike trip till the Terney village. Changing equipment. Help from frontier guards. Hiking stage. A story with a gun. Start from Terney. The heaviest rucksack. Damaging of my backbone. An Eskimo dog Shelma. Golden autumn. The hazel grouses. The fords. The fellow travelers, a sable. A preserve. The tigers. The shallows of the rivers. Samarga river, Edinka village. The returning home – seeking for money support. A helicopter till Terney. 6 laundering. A bus with drunken selectees which goes to Vladivostok for 18 hours. The blizzard on passing. Loss of teeth. 30.11.1997 – home. Petmol company. Sails. Moscow, sport and tour exhibitions. A Canadian embassy, line of those who would like to immigrate, receiving my visa in 2 hours.  Spring of 1998 – again Vladivostok, new visa to USA, a help of consul. The laboratory “EKMOS”.  Vrangel. Preparing and keeping making up of the yacht’s stuff; a wind generator, an accumulator, a receiver of weather map. A sailing with Alexei Petuhov. Red Rock, oncoming wind and a stream with a speed of 1 knot, a yacht without speed. It became clear that I can’t pass Kurilskie Islands on such a yacht. The very hard decision, I’ve lost more then a year for nothing. A bay called Olga – the end of my navigation.  Vladivostok. Sale of the yacht in a few days before Russian default. Returning to Sietl.

USA, the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver, Navalino Island, September 1998 – October 1999

Sietl. An embassy which consider it doesn’t possible. A bus to Canada. Vancouver in September is warm, full of light and air. Tanya Dubrovina – 7 years after Paris. Vladimir B. It is a pity, but nothing comes out with management for me. Buying, gathering, modification of a bike and equipment. Three weeks, two thousand of US dollars. 26.09.1998. Start, a border, maple syrup as a present for me by heart. Sietl, maps. A fellow traveler, once again Dutchman.
28.10.1998. San-Francisco, Golden Gates – my dream becomes true. 3,5 months in San-Francisco. Money, money, money!?...Wonderful people – Erast Borisovich Gliner and Galina Ivanovna. A newspaper “Kstati”. Russian restaurant.  Exit on the 9-th of February 1999. My first night’s lodging –a hostel. In the morning the manager of the hostel didn’t take payment from me, in exchange I made him a portrait. My fifteenth anniversary. Let’s go. Los Angeles. Visa to Mexico with the help of the article from Thailand newspaper.
Mexico. Mary’s hostel, signboards. Baha California. The earth roads, practically impassable. Take a decision in US don’t go from asphalt roads without extra needs. A ferryboat, sickness, Mazatlan, a hospital. Akapulko, meeting in the street and its continuation for 2 weeks. “Senior Inhenero” and  his panacea. Portraits, flight to Mexico-City, visas, wheels. A large portrait and a small fee. Visit to duchess. Exit. Chapas. Guatemala, detour to mountains. Salvador threshold, I have lost a half of a day. A unit of a distance – “one Honduras”. Nicaragua.  An embassy, waiting for Panama’s visa in the empty building of trade mission with deaf sheep dog. Kosta-Rika, it reminds paradise very much. Panama. A narrow and old concrete-sur-faced road. A channel! Here is a South America. Problems and unexpected help. Josef Shor – a kind businessman from Panama (Latvia, US?) Trip till the end of the road, Javisa. Returning to Panama, bilingual newspaper. A flight to Madelyn. Mountains. Columbia – Ecuador, five passing at the altitude of 3000 meters, the highest is 3220 meters . Third crossing of equator, July 1999. It is too cold! Strikes, pickets and blockages of the roads. Quito A lowering to the ocean along the equator. Guayaqil. Peru. Lima, an embassy. Receiving of two multientrance visas – to Chile and to Argentina. Desert Nasca. I’ve to say that lines here are very strange. Chile. Desert Atakama – the most dry place in the World. It is very easy for a soul in a desert and lot’s space for thoughts. Landscape partly looks like a landscape of Mars. Come a decision of a simple question “what for is a human being on the Earth?” Middle Chile – everything is other. Valparaiso, I have done 100 000 km already!! A meeting with Lorie – a father and a son. Fates. South. Chile – Argentina – Chile. Punta Arenas. Flight to Puerto Viliams. Navarino.  A Chilean island with Russian name. On the south is only Antarctica. Fire Land with its popular Ushuaia – is close to the north! 80 km through the Island, almost untouched nature, wild geese in the yard and everywhere.  I made many pictures.

America, the Atlantic Ocean, Navarino – Natashquan, November 1999 – 14 November 2000.

Four days on the island, crossing on yacht with Swedens. Fire Land., guanaco, sheeps and borders. Patagonia, pampa and wind all the time, not just a wind – the strongest wind, stronger wind is only in Antarctica. I even not believe that I can force my way through it. But I have forced  and even made my 4-th record day when I passed 175 km. Buenos Aires. Pavel Morosov. A flight home for New 2000 year party. Joys and afflictions of my family. Returning. A problem in the airport which costed me 300$US. The Uruguayan visa. An embassy, the cultural centre. Vasiliy Ivanovich, fishing a ferryboat across La-Plata. Uruguay, Montevideo. Resorts. Brazil. A green line. The steep Brazilian hills. 10.02.2000 – Rio de Janeiro, 110 km, my birthday and complete with touch of boorishness telephone refuse in consulate. Correspondent TASS, church, confessor Sergey. An article at “Miss. Revue”. Two weeks of waiting. Exit. Once again very steep raisings. The utmost Eastern point. A deferred visa to French Guyana. The Brazilian north. Amazon River. 4-th crossing of equator. The season of rains. Selva, hills, loam and problems. Crossing.  French Guyana, a part of a road had been almost washed out. Flight to Cayenne. A visa. Cosmodrome Curu. Surinam. A visa. Gauana. Vodka “Ivanoff”. A doctor - a Russian graduate. Georgetown, an embassy of Russia, warm reminding. A navigation on a barge to Venezuela. Mountains, Karakas, en embassy, changing a passport to a new one and receiving last 4 visas till the end of the trip. Columbia, Cartagena. A flight to Belize. 6 landings. Difficulties with my bike. Belize. A finish is very close. Mexico, Cancun and all Yucatan. A loop of Mexican gulf. Verakruz. A ship. The sincere “grand-dad”. A border. USA, a dash to the north. Texas, Louisiana, New-Orleans… Florida, Pensacola, meeting with Russians, a newspaper. Panama-city. A newspaper. 2000 km around Florida. Gaterras cape. New York., two weeks -  have no money. Meeting at the broadcasting centre with Mikhail. TV, plans and realities. Time is out, but I keep traveling. Boston, State Man.
The 14-th of October, Canada, Sen-Jons, Nova Scotia, Meeting near a ferryboat. Halifax. Changing my equipment. Cold on Gaspe. Snow, St.Lavrentiy River. Sept-Iles, a night, changing of a wheel. Havr-sent Pier. Deiv, meeting with Martin. Two days together. An overnight stop in “picket”. 14.11.2000. Natashquan, 132 000 km. the end of the road. That’s all.

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