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V.KetovEDEM - Ethical Ecological Movement Journey


It is really the first of the world history journey around the Earth - exactly around the land: along the coastline of continents by the environmentaly frendly transport.

Vladislav Ketov (an artist and traveller from Saint-Petersburg, Russia)  put in practice his unique project "EDEM" ("EDEM" - is the abbreviation of Ethical Ecological Movement in Russian and English)  He`s traveled more than 141 000 km along coastlines of Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. However, miles and kilometers, years and months, are not the most important things in this project, but ideas of the traveler. He demonstrated the unity of the world and variety of human potentialities. This famous traveler shows us the right way of simple life on the Earth.

  Around the Earth
The first voyage around the Earth. Voyage along the coastline of continents. Alone. Patent dated 30.09.1988 No.31 01

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