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V.KetovEDEM - Ethical Ecological Movement Journey Around the Earth

Around the Earth

Dear Sirs or Madams

Let us introduce you a unique project "EDEM". It is really the first in the world history journey around the Earth – exactly around the land: along the coastline of continents by the environmentaly frendly transport.

Vladislav Ketov is an artist and traveller (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). The idea of the trip is patented by Ketov at the Soviet- American fund "Cultural initiative" on September 30, 1988 ( # 3101). Vladislav Ketov started on May 14, 1991. His journey makes ABSOLUTE RECORD in all spheres: in the way of travelling (by different types of environmentaly frendly transport), in the new idea of the route (along the only ones line, which can be found on every map of the world – the continent coastline), and in extent of the journey (the total length is 4 times long than equator).

The title of the project - "EDEM" - is the abbreviation of Ethical Ecological Movement in Russian and English. Project proves that ethics and ecology are the main value for saving and development of life on the Earth. That`s why UNO committee working with environmental problems - UNEP, made Ketov its official representative - UNEP GLOBE TROTTER.

For the first time in history the person alone, without any support, went around Europe, Africa, south and south-eastern part of Asia, South and North America (except the Arctic coastline), covering more than 144 000 km.

During the journey V.Ketov crossed over the territory of the 93 countries, 8 war zones (Yugoslavia, the Middle East, the Western Sahara, Angola, Mozambique, North-East Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Cambodia and Columbia).

On his way were the deserts: Sinai, Western Sahara, Namibia, Eastern Sahara, Arabian, Naska, Atakama, and other arid zones; mountain regions: the Pyrenees, highland coast of the South Europe and the Asia Minor, Atlas mountains, the Namibian and South Africa plateaus, coast ridges of the Pacific Ocean in North America, mountains of Guatemala and Nicaragua, the Andes (in the Andes V.Ketov 5 times overcame the passes 3000 m high).

The most part of the trip passed on the gravel and earth roads and in places without any roads at all. During the trip hundreds of rivers were crossed, including few flooded areas.

Press of the 73 countries published more than 100 articles about this trip. At the time of the journey a lot of press-conferences were held, meetings with local people, with representatives of the public organizations and diplomats. Thousands of graphic portraits, made by the artists Ketov left with the citizens of the most countries.

The archives of the journey includes nearly 20 000 photos, more than 100 materials in press of different counties and 120 dairy-tapes.

Last summer (June-September 2005) V. Ketov received the support of Tourist and Culture Center "ECLECTICA" and spent 93 days to ride 9 000 km along the coastline of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Finland) from Murmansk to St-Petersburg. ECLECTICA provided finances, some equipment and organized press-conferences with Ketov in Petersburg, Murmansk, Viborg and meeting with journalists in Sweden and Norway.

This days V.Ketov is preparing the last part of the project which includes the northern part (uncovered part - Arctic "ring") nearly 40 000 km, and parts, missed by different reasons (wars, visa refusal and other) nearly 35 000 km, including zones, to cross which he`ll need to change the transport.

"Artic ring" - that is the whole Arctic coast of the North America from Quebec to Alaska and Eurasia from Bering Channel to S-Petersburg. Missed parts of the route are - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Libya, Liberia, Somali, Korea, and the Vladivostok-Alaska way.

The project will be developed by riding round the coastline of Australia, and such big islands as Great Britain, Japan, Iceland etc.

Vladislav Ketov is uniting people from all over the world by his trip and spreading the ideas of ethics and ecology, showing by his unexampled travelling the unlimited possibilities of the human being, moreover doing all this he is raising the international prestige of Russia.

In November of 2003 V.Ketov became the first person who was honored with the title "The outstanding Russian traveler"  for this project.

The trip, undertaken by V.Ketov, is of a vital importance not only because of the unique route, huge amount of km, crossed deserts and passes, but from the ideological point of view. V.Ketov by his pattern proves the artificial nature of the boundaries between the countries, proves that the dialogue can be found with people of different nations, races, religions and social levels.

In 1991 Vladislav began this incredible feat and now only one portion remains until he reaches his goal of traversing the continents. He started from Vancouver and after travelling Perimeters of North and South America by bike, completing the «America&America» campaign in Natashquan, Canada, in 2000. This campaign was widely publicized in the media of the USA and Canada amongst other.

The portion of the project is called «Homer-Vancouver» and it will be take place in July and August this year. Next Vladislav plans to fly to Anchorage, Alaska, so that he can begin his travels from Homer, Alaska, to Vancouver. Incidentally, one of the cities along this trek is called Petersburg, Alaska especially meaningful to this resident of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Presently, we hope to find volunteers willing to help Vladislav in one portion of his trip by transporting him by a non-motor operated boat or yacht from Hainnes to Petersburg, Alaska, and then from Petersburg, Alaska, to Stewart.

As this journey reaches its end, we hope that Vladislav will be met with great enthusiasm of the public, how it was in other countries. We welcome any interest in publicizing this event, including press conferences or interviews in Anchoridge, Homer, Petersburg (AK) or Vancouver.

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